His Master's Voice (HMV)

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  2. 1908
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  4. Δισκογραφικές εταιρείες
    1. His Master's Voice, abbreviated HMV, is a famous trademark in the music and recording industry and was for many years the unofficial name of a large British record label. The name was coined in the 1890s as the title of a painting of a dog named Nipper, listening to a wind-up gramophone. In the original painting, the dog was listening to a cylinder phonograph.

      The name HMV is still used by the chain of entertainment shops founded by the Gramophone Company in the UK and Canada, which continued to expand internationally through the 1990s.

      In 1998 HMV Media was created as a separate company, leaving EMI with a 43% stake. The firm bought the Waterstones chain of bookshops and merged them with Dillons the UK booksellers. In 2002 it floated on the London Stock Exchange as HMV Group plc, leaving EMI with only a token holding.

      HMV shops in Australia, Ireland, and the UK also use the Nipper trademark. HMV applied for trademark status in order to use Nipper at HMV stores in Canada but in 2010 abandoned the application,[10] presumably because the rights to Nipper in Canada are part of the RCA brand portfolio now owned by Technicolor SA and licensed to other companies.

      As of August 2006, there were over 400 HMV stores worldwide.[11] The website is operated by HMV Guernsey.

      On 15 January 2013, HMV Group plc entered receivership; stores in Ireland closed 16 January 2013 and were no longer accepting vouchers. The HMV website posted a receivership notice and no further online sales were made.[12]

      According to the HMV website, the organization was restructured by Hilco and, while some stores were closed, it has reopened debt-free and continues to trade.

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