Columbia Ελλάδας

  1. Οργανισμός
  2. 1931
  3. Αθήνα
  4. Δισκογραφικές εταιρείες
    1. "Columbia" pressing plant, owned by the local EMI subsidiary and located in Rizoupoli, Athens, Greece. Established in 1931. 
      Shellac records (78 RPM) were pressed until 1959-1960. 
      The first "extended play" 7" vinyl records were pressed on July 16th, 1955. 
      The first "standard" 7" vinyl records were pressed on January 27th, 1958. 
      The first vinyl LP records were pressed in 1961. 
      Until 1967, Columbia was the only manufacturing plant that pressed 7" vinyl records in Greece.